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                                                         About Twinnky

We are a Swedish registered company and we sell perfumes, the best brands on the market, but for a better price.

Twinnky is a world of perfume and a world of perfume is a world completely without borders.

There is neither time nor place here, Every perfume has a story, a story about the past, present or future.

You can travel through the history of the continent with a scent of perfume.

Perfumes take you to a world of kings and queens in the east or perhaps India, or to the elegance of the west.

Other scents can take you to a world that does not exist except in your imagination, then it is the scent in your own world that you experience.

Some scents can take you to all the worlds at once.

Fragrance is distinction, elegance, confidence, fragrance can be a story, a world created by magic and imagination.

We have made a selection of scents that can give you lots of emotions.

Such as Oud, Myrra, sandalwood, Bergamot, flowers, and fruit.

So choose your fragrance and maybe choose for your loved one, and allow yourself to be special wherever you are.

So we wish you a good scent that can be worn by you wherever you will be.

Remember a perfume does not necessarily have to suit you even if it smells good on others.

Choose your fragrance yourself and trust that your choice will be just as perfect as it is meant to be!

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